1997 Churchill's Half-Marathon Report

The 30th running of the Churchill's Half-Marathon took place on an overcast but mild March 2, 1997. in Perrysburg, Ohio. Tony Fraij, 22, of Perrysburg won the race with a time of 1:09:38. The race attracted 184 participants, including a number of runners who ran in the first Churchill's 1/2.


1.  Tony Fraij, age 22, Perrysburg OH      Time-1:09:38
2.  John Springer, age 35, South Lyon MI  Time-1:11:35
3.  Jim O'Neill, age 58,  Holland OH   Time- 1:13:17
4.  Douglas Andrews, age 23, Litchfield OH   Time- 1:14:49
5.  Steve Darmofal, age 22,  Toledo  OH   Time-1:14:54

Male- Glen Miller, age 40, Sylvania OH  Time-1:15
Female- Kristen Baker-Barney, age 40, Whitehouse OH  Time 1:36

1.   Lori Larrick, age 25, Toledo OH  Time-1:26:30
2.   Kelli Jo Marquette, age 32, Fremont OH  Time-1:27:56
3.   Chari Walsh, age 33,  Dayton  OH  Time-  1:27:56

Top Hoosier
Mark Walter, 24th place, age 31, Garrett  IN  1:26:37

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